Care package spawning

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Why is it that whenever I die during a care package drop, the game spawns me on the OPPOSITE side of the map? This happens 99% of the time. Almost every single time, the game will spawn me on the OPPOSITE side of the map. I've thrown the thing almost in the center of the map and it seems like it spawns me as far away as possible. Is this intentional or just partially in due to the bad spawning to begin with?

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For the most part, it's likely due to the fact that since you're being killed at your care package, chances are there are enemies near by. The game "tries" to spawn you away from the enemy. If there's more of the enemy in the area than your teammates, chances are you won't spawn there.
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Its because you got killed there,plain and simple.Did you want to get respawned right by your care package and get shot again by the guy who killed you the first time.