Bored with this game already

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Anyone else feel like that? The lag comp is so bad I'm constantly fighting an uphill battle to do well in a match. I'm already level 55 have been for a week. I see no reason to prestige and go through the whole grind again. I tried to play a few matches today but it just doesn't feel fun, it only felt slightly fun at first. I think I'm going to move on from this game. It wasn't worth the money, imo. It sucks there aren't any other online fps coming out any time soon. If you're on the fence about buying this game or not, save your money for something else, you will most likely get bored with this game in a week or two.

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Oh yea, I'm really tired with getting matched up with some Arabs half way around the world too. Terrible matchmaking and lag comp is ultimately what killed this game for me.

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I have been enjoying the game. I am norm one of the top killers but I was in past games as well. For me I have learned to change up my playing style and use perks I norm dont use. Try diff weapons, sometime I play run and gun and others try to be stealthy and sneak around the map using only a knife. When it comes right now to it all the COD games are the same, the barebones of it. yes there are things that make them different but all in all they are the basic concept. You have to change to make the game exciting. As for the playing with people in other country's.....who cares some one here someone killing them all