black ops aload of sh*t

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who ever made this game need to think of connection can not have a decent game with out being disconnected whoever made black ops 2 is one little :evil: Wa*ker

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Get better internet. The game is fine for me atleast.

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No issues for me, think you need a better connection on your end bro
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no my connection is good other games are ok its when they get the plug disconnecting at the bottom and everyone goes out of game
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More like this game is a load of **** in general. This is **** horrible compared to the first black ops. It's like some heroin addict decided to make a sequel.

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I agree that I enjoy the first black ops better than black ops 2 in every way. As far as your connection goes OP, either buy faster internet or blame it on the rage quitters.
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OP, care to verify with us your internet speeds? You claim your connection is 'fine', but haven't posted any speeds...
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When I play Blops 2 I'll lose 8/10 gun fights due to the fact my opponent is ahead of time from where I started shooting him. Example is say Ive come around a corner and seen an opponent about to run into a room so I start popping bullets into his back. He turns around and shoots me dead. When the killcam comes up its shown that he has already turned around and got his gun off before I did. A legitimate kill on his end. I have read to play successfully online you need atleast 1mb download and 1 mb upload. The upload speed is the most important from what I have read. Im currently only on ADSL with a download speed of between 5mb and 7mb but only a mere 300kbs upload. Ive upgraded to ADSL2+ which is the best I can get in my area. Im just waiting for the package to arrive to be installed ect.