Black Ops 2 Zombies SUCK

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Buried, and Tranzit are by far the worst zombie maps ever. I am so disappointed I thought after MOTD they would get it "right", but Buried is so boring. I am a solo guy and I love hitting 100's... but I quit at 88 because it was just so boring recycling the resonater, and the turbine it is of course a "camping" map, and hope this is never done ever again... and not to mention the Paralyzer sucks in general.

I think Jimmy Zielinski hasn't fed us long time fans nothing but garbage with BO2.... the wonder weapons suck on this game, nothing even comparable to the Thundergun, or Wunderwaffe. The maps with the exception of MOTD have been garbage even than MOTD was "above average"... Die Rise was fun until glitchers ruined and forced Treyarch to nerf the weapon...

I don't even have high hopes for the final DLC....

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i agree man buried is not zombies its eastereggies so ngt is happy playing while we 100+ zombies people have to camp and be bored. but the probelm is that bo1 zombies is that youtubers can't become poplular playing bo1 so they have to play bo2 and so youtubers no longer like zombies because bo2 made them no like zombies but their channels want them to play is and thus syndicate and many other youtubers are losing subscibers because no one want to play bo2 zombies.
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I would definately agree. TranZit is way too spread out and just takes a ton of time getting set up, not to mention there's no real WW besides the Mark II, which isn't a 'one shot - one horde' weapon. Stops becoming effective around round 48; it just pops the Zombies heads off at that point, which is still killing them, but it's delayed. And don't even get me started on the Jet Gun. Whoever came up with that piece of crap needs to be fired. Okay, maybe not fired, but seriously, that is the worst idea for a "super gun" ever, at least the concept was executed poorly. If you're going to make a gun that sucks all the zombies into you, at least make it actually work effectively! I can't tell you how many times I tried using this weapon and ended up going down because the zombies just weren't being sucked in - more like sucked around me. The gun isn't worth building.

I didn't enjoy Buried for the very same reasons listed above - it's a camper's wet dream, almost. There is hardly anything about the map that I really enjoy, except for the chalk drawings, which is nice, but there should have been more options for choosing where to put your wall guns. I thought that there would've been more old-west weapons besides the Remington New Model Army, which is essentially the same thing as the Python. I was hoping for a Winchester Repeater perhaps, or a Sawn-Off Shotgun. But alas... The WW for Buried is simply not my idea of a great Wonder Weapon. Like I said before, it's made for campers. I'd rather have a Thundergun anyday. Although I will say the one thing the Paralyzer has going for it is that it never permanently runs out of juice.

These two maps were definately the worst ones on Black Ops II. I even like Nuketown more than these maps, and that, up until recently didn't have a half-way decent WW. If they just put Flopper, Stamin-Up, and the Wunderwaffe on that map it would be 10x better.

Mob of the Dead and Origins are the only really good maps. Die Rise is alright, but I really don't care for that map. Anyway, they need to do better.

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