Black Ops 2 = Best in series.

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Anyone agrees? 

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You talkin' the COD series, or just the BO subset?

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Anyone agrees?


If you're referring to multiplayer, then no, probably not for me. Patches may well make the game descent but as it stands, i'm fairly disappointed about it. I like how, in parts atleast, it feels that perks do not make a huge gameplay difference (e.g., ghost being level 55, albeit too high of a level) and it being based heavily on gun-gun fights rather than abusing killstreaks. However, the game's hit boxes are dire, the 'new modern' guns are unmemorable and uninspiring and the spawn system makes some previous Cods look awesome in comparison.

This is just my experience, but let me share an example of today's game; Our team were like 55-30 up in team deathmatch. Me and a couple of friends got killed reasonably fairly (and i question this because my body was behind cover in the killcam but his hitmarker 'hit' me outside of it but i digress). We respawn into 2 enemies immediately. Then again, and again and again. This repeated on and off resulting in 8 immediate deaths for me and around 11 for my friend and several other deaths from other team mates. They then won the game undeservedly 75-70. They got atleast 19 points from us because we were being spawned with enemies either looking into or directly firing into our backs. If there's ever an example of sloppy spawn system, then this gets the award for me. That was the worst multiplayer experience i've ever had in a cod game. I rarely play domination, but atleast if you're spawn trapped you tend to know why - but this was in TDM and that's completely unacceptable. And bad experiences stick around longer.

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I actually think this is the worse in the franchise....just not good at all.
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I spent the whole day playing this and it is the WORST experience I have ever witnessed. There is no reason that the servers should be acting up like how they are now. Along with this the experience online is just miserable and terrible. I love the first Black Ops and I popped that one in today and went 36-3 in the first match I played in TDM. In Black Ops 2 I was going negative or barely positive. I have no reason why this happens but I hate that it feels slower. I have my sensitivity turned up to 10 and still its  a tad slower than BO1. I'm going to stick with BO1 and Halo 4...BO2 is terrible in my opinion.

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Yeah. It is quite awesome. Some guns could use a little more recoil but yeah really think its the best. Don't have any connection issues that a lot of people have been having though that seems mainly focused around the PS3. Straight dominating with this DSR-50 Acog Oh yeah. So now that we have this Pick 10 the intermission seems to be so short!
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Noo obsolutely no, Mw and Mw2 are still the best and will always be the best untill infinityward or Treyarch manages to throw in something new in the new Consoles coming soon.

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No it isnt the best the only reason i bought the steam 70 bucks version was for the soundtrack. And yes thats the only reason a a bit of muiltplayer but thats it.

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As far as multiplayer MW2 and World at War take the cake. MW2 had incredible iconic maps, and introduced the really cool killstreaks. BLOPS was good, but seemed unpolished in some places MW3 was god awful, stopped playing in a week. Unless they patch some things, this is just slightly better than MW3. Terrible map design, run and gun > tactics, lag compensation out the ass > no outfit customization (IT IS 2012)
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lol and people who think MW2/3 are even equal to Blops1/2 let only better. MW2 maps were iconic because they were so bad.
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ship map is not to my liking. slums is ok.

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The multiplayer maps are well designed

The Graphics are the best ive seen out of any Call of Duty

Pick 10 System

Better spawns than MW3 (imo the worst game in the series MW3 had god awful spawns this one is much better unless your playing gamemodes like hardpoint or ctf and the reason they tend to suck is it tries to put you back into the action thus spawning you near enemies)

huge variety of weapon attachments


Snipers seem way overpowered(most shoot really fast and kill with 1 shot)

Poor Host /Host Wins( seems like it picks the person with worst connection to host almost every game I was in 2 or 3 bars for everyone but host..lag seems to play a huge role in this one if your not hosting odds are your not gonna win)

the smg's seem terrible from my experience way underpowered compared to other weapons


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You cons seem opposite everyone else.
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Swap 4 with 1 and this is correct

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no ed harris.... ed harris makes everything better 

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My fave single player campaign was "World at War", and the multi-player maps were awesome too. Too bad the hackers ruined the online, and no one cares to patch it

But I love the quantity and quality of the MP maps in MW3

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Hackers are too common in cod games I never see that in halo.

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So far...



Map design overall is good. The good ones outweigh the poor ones.

Pick 10 system.

Interesting gadgets.



Spawning. Not as bad as MW2.

Weaponry has devolved into everyone having the highest ROF weapons due to there being literally zero recoil.

Endless UAVs destroy any form of tactics, especially with the small, open maps.

Communities abuse of jumping around corners and drop shotting is the worst in any CoD yet. Should of been forseen.

SP so far has been dreadful. In execution and narrative. Lack of Ed Harris a serious blow.



I personally prefered Blops leveling up and buying of weapons. If this had been added with the pick 10 system I think it would of rocked. I'd also completely remove UAVs or at least make them a much higher scorestreak. Give the weapons much higher recoil. SP should of been much simpler and without so much contrived BS. Strike force missions should of been completely overhauled or simply not bothered with as they are terrible in every aspect. General scripting and A.I is terrible.