badly designed carrier

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Not sure if anyone mentioned this already, but I was stationed on a carrier and I found it (USS Obama) beyond laughable.  The security area is far deeper into the ship because on the 03 level, the prisoner is a hop, skip and a jump away from the flight deck and easy escape, as shown in the game. The CIWS mounts are not on the same level as the flight deck, but much lower because they can't hit anything lower than the horizon.   Also they are not that close together, this doesn't provide adequate coverage for the ship.  Finally the Admiral doesn't "fight the ship", the Captain and his designated junior officers/senior enlisted "fight the ship".  The Admiral is just there to make higher decisions for the "carrier battle group".  Spec Ops operators were brought in to help design other games, why wasn't someone brought in to help design that part of the game.  Just because it is fiction and set in the future doesn't change the fact, the ship and command structure doesn't change.

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Badly designed post. No paragraphs or anything.

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It's just a game and the level has to be designed according the story and script. Because it IS fiction and set in the future, it DOES mean things can change. Regardless of what things are now, anything can change in that amount of years into the future. It's open ended, unless you can look into the future, how would you ever know the ship and command structure doesn't change. No one said they were going for modern realism of an aircraft carrier. It's not that type of game. Not sure why you are taking it so seriously.