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Who wants to return to the WWII era? I do. I miss the guns and how it took more skill to play online. In fact, I actually enjoyed playing online when WaW was out. What I'm thinking is Treyarch should do what Battlefield is doing. Expand the map. Make vehicles apart of the warfare. Tanks and P-51s should be able to be manned. Anti-air guns as well. I think they should go back to the basics, and get rid of all this killstreak bonus crap. If you have bigger maps, you won't have the same issues everyone's been experiencing with the spawn-camping. There will be less deaths by bouncing bettys and all weapons will be tantamount so to speak. SMGs won't necessarily carry the day if the fighting is happening over the Sahara desert, know what I mean? ;)

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I agree.

However, I'm not fond of another WWII game just yet- they really need to be bold and create a WWI game. There's loads they could do- hell, they could even link it back to the modern games by giving it a modern opening, with a site dig somewhere in Europe unearthing the body of a fallen Tommy, then it flashes back to how the Tommy got there and the warfare that was going on at the time.

It would be a gritty, dark game where there's more reliance on skill than stacking big killstreaks. The maps would be able to be made in the trenches, over vast fields and towns, and it would focus a lot more on infantry. They could break out the basic tanks and some biplanes and things to shake it up, and have you fighting on an old warship as it's cruising down channels and things.

A WWI game is a missed oppurtunity. Massively.

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I don't think a WWI would be a good idea. The story would be good but The recources and battles weren't that really ( don't get me wrong interesting), Sitting in a trench and wait for a suicide run. Well altough that had some machine guns in that time, They we're just to heavy to wear bearhanded. So most guns we're bolt rifles and that wouldn't be a good gameplay for the fast pacing action in COD. Not to mention during WWI , Ammo was very expensive and hard to find. Most of the soldiers didn't even had bullets on them , just their gun and the bayonet.


About WW2 , yes i also want it back because i'm tired of the modern shooters with always the same story , BAD GUYS HAVE A NUKE --> World is in danger , must save the world....

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I would play another WWII CoD, but I want to see just how far into the future we can go. Ground War on mars!
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I personally like your idea of going back to WWI. But I seriously doubt enough of the CoD fanbase shares our sentiment or interests. People are too used to carrying automatic pistols and ARs. But I don't see why a WWI Cod game couldn't be fun given the right story, maps, and weapons. Even back then they had LMGs and SMGs... One of which, the Lewis Gun, was on WaW. Another, called the MP18, was the first SMG to be used in combat. Most of the weapons back then, however, were bolt-action rifles. So, most people would be using the subs and LMGs rather than the rifles, which were the main guns of WWI. That's why I think it might as well be WWII, or perhaps Korean War-era. Otherwise you'd just hae a bunch of people running around with MP18s. lol