Anyone else experiencing campaign problems such as...

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Evening -

I'm playing through "Time and Fate" and have ran into a problem. I have searched every where on the map for an alternate route, but I am still unable to clear the coke lab. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues with the campaign. I have tried restarting, rebooting, squatting, prone position, jumping, running, cussing in French, cussing in English and other (more) civilized approaches... all end with the same result - frustration. 

Anyone able to solve this or able to acknowledge that this isn't an isolated issue would go a long way towards me not feeling like I'm the idiot here.



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I haven't made it that far yet...................the only glitch I've experienced is once in a while, my character gets stuck on flat ground; I have to tap the forward key repeatedly to free him up. The only other issue I have is I can remap keys to the number pad OK (I game L handed), but when I press any of them in game none of those remapped functions works. The game seems to interpret the NP keys as being the regular number keys (across the top of the qwerty keys).

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On the horse mission I had a checkpoint where I would die instantly every time. I had to restart the level. Also on the same level the music was skipping and the enemies would spawn right in front of my eyes, kept happening until I died.
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Um can someone help me, the horse mission, like mentioned above...I have to press RT & LT ro "escape" but I die everytime, no matter how quickly I mash the buttons, it's getting a little redic, if i can't do it, how is some little kid supposed to? Any help, am I pressing both at the same time or LT and THEN RT, and then LT, etc
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Is that after you get stuck under the horse? I think you just hold the triggers if I remember right.


Anyone started these damn strike force missions? Do these suck absolute ass or is it just me? You get literally no cover at any point, the responses to your commands and taking control simply aren't quick enough, and whoever thought the A.I of the CoD series could actually hold up to this kinda thing needs his head examined. You can't order specific targets killed without your guys running around in circles for 5 minutes before hand. If you do get reinforced it takes them 5 minutes to get anywhere, by which point ( if your on the last objective ) the area is absolutely flooded with them and your completely unable to retake a position because your outnumbered 20 to 1. The fact they seemingly don't have to plant the EMP device at the final objective, it just appears, compared to you having to sit there disarming it is just terrible game design. I may be wrong on that last point but I didn't see them take their time planting.

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Also, regarding the plot. * SPOILER * Why bring back Krevchenko? I could hold my disbelief with Woods, he could of flung Krevchenko away from himself as they fell, but Krev had an antire GRENADE BELT STRAPPED AROUND HIS BODY, are we supossed to believe that he survived that? Seems like contrived BS in order to move the story along.

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After I complete the first strike force mission, my game doesn't advance. It just stays at the "tactical view" screen
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I will try that now Vozlov, thank you. Damnit I was hitting the buttons, not holding them, I am an idiot
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Yes the "Strike Force" missions are garbage, and they just feel like a chore. Otherwise the campaign would be A+ material.
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Stop! Stop! You guys are bummin' me out. I sure hope I don't run into any of the frustrating **** you have! Sounds like Treyarch needs to burn some midnight oil and get a patch of some sort out quick.

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Finished the whole campaign last night and never got stuck anywhere as per OP's comments, and yeah, escape the horse by holding, not tapping. It's LMB+RMB on KB/M.

Really crappy game though. On the very first level I could tell it felt like a cheaply made value game with totally unrealistic graphics, animations, movement, everything. Shoot a patrol boat with a few rounds of the fixed gun and it sinks instantly with extremely crappy effects. There's actually parts of the game where it feels like Quake or Doom3 because the movement and certain effects like the berserker crap is just so laughable. I outgrew such things when I stopped playing mindless arcade shooters, but in a tactical warfare game I expect better. I bet Jason and Vince are laughing their asses off at the crap quality of this game, esp after winning their settlement against Activision.

I have to admit, Treyarch surprised me a bit with World at War, and parts of Bllack Ops 1 and MW 3 weren't bad, but this one reminds me of craptastic games like Soldier of Fortune Payback and Call of Juarez The Cartel. Looking forward to Respawn's first game.

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Yeah I'm starting to get to that point. I just finished the strike force mission and failed, absolutely terrible game design throughout. Now I've just finished the next mission playing as the antagonist. Wow, I'm invincible and running through endless enemies with a shotgun that doesn't need to be reloaded. What an amazing concept for a level, such thought and dedication from the team at Treyarch to bring me something worthwhile and enjoyable.


Added to that the fact that MP has devolved into using the same guns within each class ( i.e the highest rate of fire ) within the first day of playing, coupled with the same old problems ( i.e endless UAVs which simply throw any form of tactic out of the windows ) as well as the terrible community of players ( i.e run around a corner = jump around a corner. See a guy head on = Instantly drop to the floor ) has completely killed my enjoyment of this game within the first 24 hours of its release.


Ah well, I won't be buying another CoD again. I'l buy return it for halo, keep that for a short while and trade that in once GTA 5 comes out.


Gutted really. I thought Treyarch could of kept the game fresh as I believe they did with the first BO, but the SP is terrible by standards set 10 years ago, whilst the multiplayer is beyond unbalanced and simply terribly designed.