After giving ghosts so many chances...

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This game shines once again, because it recently went on sale and I had money to burn, bought this game as well as the season pass for the price of just buying the game itself brand new! :D Wow, now, I want to add I ABSOLUTLEY HATED THIS GAME WITH A PASSION, EVERY PART OF ME WANTED TO HATE ANYONE THAT EVER DISCUSSED THIS GAME BACK THAN, but now, after much ado, THIS GAME IS SO ACTION PACKED online!

Ghosts is a virtual marathon game, with shooting added to it, too much running, to much running, and too much running, anyone agree? or is this game dead to u?

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I also wanted to add, that seriously though I played this game 4 hours last night straight, and it is really active and action packed, sure there is a lot of BS deaths but honestly its actually pretty fun, when ur comparing it with ghosts, or previous COD titles, I think I just want to give up on infinity ward entirely, treyarch games seem to shine more

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