Afghan mission

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Im having serious trouble with mission 3. The horse sinks to the sand and freezes. This is very buggy. 

It is becoming quite ridiculous this series. Stingers are now RPG's that can fired at tanks on a back of a horse. Talk about suspending belief. The damn horse gets stuck everywhere and is sucking my will to play this.

Had a go on MP today. Im a dedicated BF player and this is my first go on COD is MW2. I thought it was fast paced and smooth. This is not a world of difference between the two series now. Obviously COD is more arcadey. The maps are rather small and I also think the players speed is too fast. Certainly enjoyed the TV feature, that is very cool. 

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Bummer about the stuck horse. I didn't get that, but my character has become stuck several times (was always able to get moving again though). On the Colossus level my character froze in front of a VR computer screen for a while.................wouldn't perform any of the indicated actions to advance my "search for intel". I was able to quit/save, then reload............froze in the same place again.......was finally able to get my character to do what he was supposed to. Twice; the game has frozen on me, then spontaneously shut down, and spontaneously rebooted itself. :evil:

I'm quite fond of the "Max Payne III" moments in BO also. You know, where the game suddenly seizes control of your character for some cut scene stuff, then suddenly releases control to you and you're in a dumb *** exposed position you wouldn't have gone into on your own....................gotta love that!

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Hey! I've got a single player Afghan Mission question.

I've started a new game..............the first two times I played the Afghan mission (Old Wounds); when I got to the end where Woods is "vigorously questionenter" character gets all vengeful 'n stuff.........pulls his pistol, then I get an onscreen prompt telling me to tap the Enter key to keep from shooting Krevchenko. That works the first two times, but no matter how much I tap the Enter key the third time I get the character shoots him anyway?! During the mission says "Krevchnko Interrogation Insufficient".

Has anyone been able to prevent their character from shooting Krevchenko. TY!