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   One of the things i loved about all the other CoD's was first and formost they always have an epic storyline with some of the best characters in any FPS,  but as i've been going through the campaign all i can focus on is how much of a giant doushe Harper is.  I have an fraternity brother that reminds me of him.  I just feel like after the mission is over he gets drunk as piss ,  does some coke, beats the hell out of a stripper and begins headbutting the wall.  Its not that big of a deal but it's just not what you would think of when you think of an covert operative.  He reminds me of scum bag steve from the quick meme website.  lol sorry for the rant.

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I think thats their intention, and they succeeded :-). He is supposed to be a very gritty character, not your normal well mannered guy however still a leader with a full sense of honor and doing what's right.

The person who voices him is the guy who plays Merle on The Walking Dead'. He plays this type of character well which is why they probably casted him. Not just in this show, but most of his movies he seems to play this type of person.

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oh wow just realized that is "merle's" voice. i liked him in the movie slither. thanks for the response.