User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified VITA
Black ops declassified. This review is coming from a long time cod player, since the first modern warfare, and I'm going into this review open minded.

If there's one word to describe this game, it would be surprising. Now this was a game I highly expected to be awful. I'd played resistance burning skies and I was not impressed, probably because I don't like resistance, but also because, well, it was a BAD game by a shoddy developer. The controls were clumsy and it was just a mess.

Declassified is somewhat lacking in content as the capaign is so short, however it is the best handheld fps I have ever played. ever. Now, although it is short, the campaign is surprisingly fun and full of cinematic moments, great if you just want to play a short burst at a time or try to beat your score. This is where, in many people's opinions, the game falters. If the campaign had been twice as long, this would be the perfect handheld shooter (with the exception of zombies).

I haven't played much of hostiles, but from what I've played, it's basically modern warfare 3's survival minus the weapons shop and airstrikes. From what I've played it's fun, but nothing on zombies.

Multiplayer is great, it's almost identical to the console multiplayer and plays smooth. Getting a kill and having 100 points pop up is just as satisfying as how it is on the ps3. I'm not that far into multiplayer yet but it's what makes this game shine and it's what makes it a worthy buy.

Getting randomly kicked out of multiplayer is quite annoying but not enough to completely ruin the experience as most of the time it puts you straight back into another match.

Stupid Ai is a small problem but to be honest, it's way over exaggerated in other reviews I've read and really isn't as bad as it's made out to be.

Short campaign as mentioned above.

The price! Maybe it will go down in the January sale, let's hope so!

I really have no idea why this game is getting so battered by reviewers. Ok, it has a short campaign, but uncharted golden abyss ONLY had a campagn, and it was fantastic, but had little replay value compared to declassified, which has a tone of replay value.

It feels and plays like cod, and lets not forget, this is on a handheld. I have agreed with just about every gamespot review to date, however, this is the first review I completely disagree with.

All is all, Black ops: declassified is the best handheld shooter out right now, and one of my favourite vita games to date. I would definately reccommend this to anyone with a vita looking for an authentic, fun cod experience on the go.