Black Ops Declassified for the Vita is a fun game to get.

User Rating: 7.5 | Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified VITA
After getting Black Ops Declassified and playing it, I must say that it is underrated if you ask me. It really is a good game. It has its problems of course like every game does but It is not that bad. If you do not want to read all of this, just scroll on down to the bottom and just read the "Bottom Line" portion of this review.

The Campaign is not your typical Call of Duty Campaign. It's just short missions that can be completed in under or around 5 minutes. Like some of the other reviewers have mentioned, it is like Unit 13 except it has only 10 missions. The difficulty selection is "Regular", "Hardened", and "Veteran". There are not a big amount of missions but for those like myself that play online mostly, it doesn't really effect us. However, for those who do not own a 3G version of the vita, really like playing those spec ops missions, and/or for any other reason, that sucks. I would still like to have more missions though. For when I can't play online, I would like to have the ability to play through plenty of missions.

NO THERE IS NO ZOMBIES IN CASE YOU ARE WONDERING. It does however have a horde mode where you fight through waves of enemies. You start off with a weapon and you get new weapons along the way via dead enemies or a care package that drops after every wave. The care packages vary so you may get either a new weapon or one of the killstreak rewards.

Now on to Multiplayer. It is just like the others so if you have played a CoD game online, this is familiar. You are able to either find a public match just for yourself or select party matchmaking to play online with a party. In order for you to use Party Matchmaking, you have to form a Party using the Vita's Party App. I've never used that so I cannot explain how well it works (etc, keeps kicking friends out or whatever).

The create a class is the same as the other CoD versions that are on the other consoles. There are a total of 28 weapons. You are able to add a maximum of 2 attachments on a weapon. Another neat feature that you can use is "near" Classes. You are able to download other users class setups and share yours as well. You have to go through 40 ranks in order for you to select that "Prestige" option on the screen.

The game has only 6 maps which are small. You can also only have 4v4 multiplayer. But honestly, this works great. Remember THIS IS A HANDHELD CONSOLE VERSION. Do not treat it as if it is a PS3 version or a 360 version whereas they are capable of having 12-16 players online. I don't really experience much lag (I use Wi-Fi, not 3G). I honestly thought that it would lag worse. I won't lie it does have its moments where it is terrible but other than that, it is not so bad til it ruins the game. There are killstreaks and perks as well.

The Controls aren't the smoothest but they work. They aren't bad. If anyone has played Call of Duty before, they would feel right at home. the only difference is that your are missing some buttons. "Well how in the heck do you melee without an R3 button or throw a grenade or flashbang without the L2 or R2 buttons?" you may be asking. Those 3 are on screen. Works pretty good. However, when you are throwing a lethal or a tactical grenade, you can sometimes end up hitting the knife button. Also you only use the rear touch pad for steadying the scope on a sniper rifle.

Now I will tell you the issues. First off, with the Campaign, there are no checkpoints. So if you get killed when you are 99% done with the mission, you have to start all over again. That sucks because sometimes the games problems (like movement) can end up getting you killed. I've had it where I stood in a door for an X amount of time and my player couldn't go through it all the way, making me having a jump out of the door way in order for me to get out. And it's not like you can move the fastest either. It really sucks when you are getting shot at.

When it comes to the classes, there seems to be a glitch. When I you boot the game up and are over the required rank to customize a class, at first it will show that Create A Class is locked. Even when you click on find a match or barracks and back out, it will then show that the option is unlocked but it will not display all of your unlocked weapons or attachments. And at first, after every first game I would play after booting the game up, I would have to set up my classes all over again which became annoying.

The multiplayer is actually fun. It isn't bad but I find it annoying when I am in the middle of the match or I am trying to find one, all of a sudden I lose connection. It has been doing that a lot lately. Another thing is sometimes if you try to find a match to get into, the game stays in the same spot where you see nothing but the guy that is on the cover of the game case. When that happens, you have to reboot the game.

Sometimes when you activate UAV and after it is gone, the map will not display the right locations where a person is at times. It will display where someone was recently, especially after an enemy has shot their weapon. Not a big deal to me but it is something that should get fixed and especially for the price they are asking for.

Bottom Line-
Black Ops Declassified for the PlayStation Vita is good but it could use some patches to make it even better. Even without them, it is still enjoyable. Is it worth $50? No. I got my copy for $25. It's worth no more than $30. I'd say $25 well spent. Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified is worth playing.

I rate Black Ops Declassified for the PlayStation Vita a score of 7.5 out of 10. Really this is the best FPS on a handheld. I'd recommend it.