Call Of Duty BO2 Declassified

User Rating: 1 | Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified VITA
One word,unfinished,and im going to ignore the non-existent campaign. THE MULTIPLAYER-(awful). Some players don't die after using a full clip so they run up and knife you! Others will be outside the map or doing the invisible glitch! So many bugs as well! You get kicked from a lobbie when 1.loading a map 2.shooting a laggy player or 3.Random kicks in the middle of matches. Also when aiming down sights it will turn your aim to the right or left randomly. If you are using your secondary sometimes when you switch to your primary it will increase your recoil 1000000000x. If you flash some one even that wont work. Sometime your attack heli will get stuck in the map and may even lower your frames to 5. There's more but its just to much to write. 50$ new for a broken piece of garbage with a serious lack of content (-10 out of10). Buy preowned if you must (around 20$). Irksome out!