Fun to play, but underwhelming in most areas.

User Rating: 7 | Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified VITA
Just some quick pros and cons:

- Decent layout
- multiplayer. It's pretty easy to get into
- single player is a little bit of a challenge.
- Online 4v4 is a lot of fun. Especially with friends.

- short story
- Limited online and inconsistent connections.
- The controls seem jerky. Not as smooth as the console games.
- Graphics could be better.
- Can't but feel that it was only around 60-70% finished.

I guess the expectation for this game to be like the console version was high. And so it should be, the Vita has so much potential. As the handheld console progresses, so too will the budget for more quality games. Until then, we get this.

I found the most disappointing thing about this version, are the controls. The analogue sticks don't quite offer the sensitive touch Console controller does. Get past that, the lazy graphics, the short single player modes and this can be a challenging game to past the time.