Great Game, BUT, some of these upgrades can make the game better !!!

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Team speak should be on every game to make it ezier to meet other players...There should be an option to click on other players names to friend request...Hardcore Mode should be added for more competitive playing...Fix Nat problems...Fix matchmaking so you can join a fresh game instead of a game already ending.... Fix Spawns on certain maps... Custom Games should be added for Clan matches (or League Mode) There should be a story mode co-op, or some sort of online Co-Op side missions...Putting Zombies any handheld console would be a perfect mode to waste time... If you made a content download with these, or made another Call of duty in the future please have some of these upgrades in them =]
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It needs more content more than anything. A heap of free DLC (single player objectives and multiplayer maps, a few of each) would help a LOT in making this game better for me. Also, drop the price by $10 to normal retail price. I don't know who the hell Activision thinks they are.