Different Class Advantages?

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#1 Titan_2033
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Im not sure if there are any. But this happened several times on several maps with the same guy using the same class. The first time was on Container, i was using a AK74-U with Rapid Fire and and Quick Draw handle. The other guy looked to be using the standard Shotgun class, (spas-12, or something like that) Anyway on Container down one of the longer edges by the containers i was at one end and he was at the other, we both saw each other i started firing, (hitting him pretty much every shot as he was just running into my bullets) i used up about 3/4 of a mag and then he just one shots me in the face... This happened a lot through the next 4-5 matches with the same guy, dose that class have some extra health or armor or something? Or is it just going down under 'lag'