Came with free copy of Call of Duty Roads to Victory

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That was a nice surprise. I don't know if they packaged this at the last moment because people were complaining about CoD Vita or what but I like it. To summarize, I opened up Declassified after I got out to my car to find a packaged code inside to download Call of Duty Roads to Victory from PSN. It's a nice little thank you from the crew and the card says it's only good for download "on game launch". I downloaded it but I haven't played it yet.

As far as impressions go, the Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified game is great but there's just not enough of it. There are only ten missions and they don't even bother to introduce you to the different characters. You just have to remember who people are from Black Ops 1. That being said, the ten missions are repeatable on different difficulties. The game also has some additional modes like time trial obstacle courses, an endless wave of enemies mode named "hostiles", and 4 v 4 multiplayer.

Overall I'd say if you like Call of Duty you'll probably like what there is in this game. It's a nice little taste of what Call of Duty is like on Vita and it's fun while it lasts. People who might get the most out of it are those who have friends that own a Vita and can play multiplayer. Other than that, I'd wait until the price drops a little bit before buying. It's really not worth 50 dollars in it's current state.


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The Pal version doesn't :(

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After playing a little while longer it's very true that this game IS disappointing. It certainly isn't the Call of Duty that most people would have probably wanted on Vita. It is short, there are frustrations, and the AI can be dumb. With all that, though, I still find myself coming back to play it often.

I'd say the main reason why it's getting so many bad reviews is it's just not Call of Duty quality for the price. There are certain things that you expect when you buy a Call of Duty game, and this has none of it. Still, I think I enjoy the challenge. I've already beat the campaign and then went back and beat the first level on veteran difficulty (the hardest).

You'd be better off just buying Unit 13 or even Resistance: Burning Skies. I still maintain it's good with friends in multiplayer on the go, but that's about it. Don't buy it for the single player only. I still find the single player fun, but it's not for the majority of people. It can be incredibly frustrating but I guess I love the punishment or something lol.