Blops Declassified vs Blops 2

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Is anybody who is thinking of getting this not getting Black Ops 2? Personally I hated the laggy Blops 1 multiplayer so won't be buying Blops 2 (I bought MW3 cos IW know how to do largely lag-free multiplayer) but I will be buying this because I want a FPS on my Vita (I thought about buying Resistance but after reading reviews I'd wait until it was cheap at least).

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will we be able to play online multiplayer if not no point me buying it tbh lol

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Who voted for this game? BLOP2 is million times better.
Resistance is the better FPS for the Vita thus far.
BLOPS2 lag isnt that bad anymore, Poor exscuse to not buy it seeing as its the best COD yet and every match online on this game has constant little lags, plus it takes for ever to get into a match then 9/10 it'll kick you back out to the main menu

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don't buy black ops declassified! if u do you suck (Hint: look at the ratings) if you were planning to buy this game, i've just saved your life. Your welcome.