A great shooter, fun gameplay that is different from previous installments.

User Rating: 7.5 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare X360
This has to be one of best Call of Duty games, this was made back when Call of Duty was a great series not a rehash of the same game on a yearly basis. Call of Duty 4's success is it's worst part, mainly due to it's impact on gaming after it release. The game in it's own right has won many fans, though a lot claim to be die hard fans of the game but are yet to pick up the originals.

It is a pleasant change to have a game away from WW2, the modern warfare is great, one of the first of it's kind (even if now it's common as pigs muck). The story isn't very long but it is action packed and very enjoyable, I only wished it was longer. But the main focus is on brilliant multi player. Story missions are laid out really well it is a pleasure to play through the levels, some parts are quite challenging what is great having to work out the best approach. Although choosing what method you'll take is limited in comparison to more open world games, there is always one route to take and not choice of a weapon load out the only change you'll get is what enemies drop. So you ca choose what cover to use and who'll shoot first and in stealth missions you can try and work out the best place to crawl through, but there is little freedom. The action makes up for this, a great addition is attack dogs they put the pressure on and gives the game a gritty feel. We've all seen in games men wanting to shoot us, but unleashing animals to maul you that is brutal so it gives the game more atmosphere.

The mutli player is something special highly addictive, my main appointment is no vehicles like in Call of Duty 3. Whether you are alone, with friends or just working in a team it is so much battling it out on the various maps and game modes. Team death match has to be the strongest in my eyes. The online play is addictive you will waste hours or even days if you aren't careful.

When this game first game out, it was something new and fresh. If I was to have written this game back when it came out I'd be urging you to buy this game. But today is a different story, the market is over saturated with complete
copies of this game. For the series to have stayed strong releasing a new edition every 12 months like clockwork isn't the way. This game is great in it's own right but I feel the makers should stop pumping out the same game again and again, and perhaps work on a muiltplayer based service instead
of a new game installment so often.