User Rating: 6 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PC
Like the gamespot review says, the single player is over in a flash. Not everyone likes multiplayer.

The good :

Good graphics.

Advanced weapons.

Realistic and challenging enemies.

The bad:

Short campaign. Its just ridiculously short. There are 2 special missions that only happen once. One where you get to be on a machine gun from a helicopter. And another where you are on C-130 gunship. Really cool. But you only get to do it once?! Lame.
Then of course you get to use possibly one of the coolest weapons ever. The Javelin. But there are only 2 times where you even get to. Lame.

Call of Duty? More like "Call of grenades" and " Call of endless waves of enemies" To make the campaign seem longer, activision made it so you are going to have to reload over and over and over.

Automatic saving is stupid. Cause you never know when its going to, and it saves even when action is going on. Once it saved when there was a grenade right next to me, so time after time, I had to either avoid or throw this grenade back lest my play time after that reloading lasted 3 seconds.