This game is just perfect, 10/10! Must buy game!

User Rating: 10 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PC
The single player is really intense, iv'e been enjoying every single minute of it. I really liked the mission "Death From Below" when you are in the AC-130 Gunship, its just like stomping little ants by firepower. But the single player is really short.

The Multiplayer is also great. Its highly addictive, and there is alot of features to choose from.

Besides just using guns, you have your grenades. There are the hand grenades and the smoke grenades. Sometimes throwing a hand grenade can be deadly, especially when the enemy can throw it back at you. But, you can throw the enemy's grenades back at them as well. The smoke from the smoke grenade is very realistic but it also has it's bad side when you can't see where you are going most of the time. Also sometimes it seems the enemy can see through it which doesn't help.

Ill say this is the best game out there yet!