The call of duty series has had many let downs with the old sick genre of WW games we can handle this is modern warfare.

User Rating: 9.5 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare X360
The game that we have been waiting for has been out for some time now and is going to make halo go to heaven, and make Unreal tournament become non-living... Anyway with the AGR acurate. game. review

Pros: Gameplay: call of duty has always been shoot this blow up that but in modern warfare there are some new tricks, like the knife for instance which results in a instant kill, and that the overall gameplay is great with enemies are completely utterly dead alone but the catch is when there in packs if you run out there like, in the other games, say hello to goodbye. The shooting and kiling is fun, now you switch off between two characters, soap, and john mactavish i think it is i havent played campaign sence i beat it on hard or what ever so i dont remember.

Graphics: the graphics are outstanding to the water on the floor to the gillie suit you are wearing even the rain looks good. Everything looks real the faces, the guns, and even makes you sorta like you are watching a insane movie were you dont want the main character to die or his other teamates, everything is perfect here except for sometimes the ground can look a little bit choppy and unfinished but that can be forgiven

Multiplayer: The greatest reason to buy this game is multiplayer, creating your own class with a main weapon and a side arm *spoiler* you do get a perk at level 40 somthing called over kill sence i level 53 overkill is the best perk it lets you have 2 main weapons you can have a m14 and then a 50. call sniper, perks are what these are called like martydum which is when you are killed you drop a cocked grenade and proabably end up pissing some one off. There are a crap load of game types "search and destroy, the ol' famous teamdeath match, free for all, domination, cage match, etc" and all of these features will keep you occupied for about 3 years so say good bye to your family and friends...for quite a while.

Cons: The only con i ever had...was proably sometimes when you shoot with a sniper rifle and you know you hit them in the head and completely misses and your holding your breathe that the only problem, and sometimes the multiplayer lags like hell, The game was very short i counted on medium it took me 5 hours to complete in 1 night i was very disappointed, but still.

Concept: a modern, advance of iraq.

Graphics: watching a animated 3d movie on blue ray

sound: great intense moments that play at the right time when you need them.

Gameplay: halo 3, graw 2, modern combat 2 combined.

I end the review with a techinaclly perfect review of call of duty 4 9.5 buy this game if you have 360 pc ds or mac NOW

The difficulty varies by the way