FPS no matter what story or gameplay you put in are still the same. But I actually like and enjoy this game.

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PC
I still remember playing the single-player campaign. And its plot, cinematics, and gameplay are somewhat refreshing from previous CoD titles.

Now I am not to keen when in comes to observing a game's graphics, especially in 3d but what I can say from CoD: MW, its pretty impressive.

Missions are challenging and enjoyable if you set difficulty a little bit up. And the cinematics are also cool. Forget about cutscenes, you view the cinematics in first-person. And loading scenes are not boring either as it tells you the story and of course the mission's objective somewhat while it loads. Neat.

You add up a multiplayer feature and this game shines as bright as the sun. Well, not really but its actually enjoyable. And hey, the gilly suits(camo suit or whatever you may call it) actually works!!! Well, at least in grassy areas anyways. I remember having a time with my friends playing cat and mouse.

Gameplay is basically run, hide, shoot, and camp. It may be just be mindless fun but CoD: MW sure do has its moments.
And that's what games are all about right? Having fun.

So far, CoD: MW is on the top of my list as a great multiplayer game. This game is worth it despite other fanboys of other FPS games or haters might say. So I'll give it a 9.0.