Call Of Duty 4 offers an excellent single player and addictive multiplayer experience.

User Rating: 10 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare X360
The much hyped Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the latest instalment that has been published by Activision on Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC where the games started out on. The series has gone in a new direction, the past games in the series were all set in World War 2 but now the developers Infinity Ward who also developed the first two games (the third was developed by Treyarch) have decided to bring Call Of Duty into modern times, this is certainly a welcome change that defiantly gives the series a much needed different feel. The story is set in a fictional near-future war between the United States, United Kingdom, and Russian Loyalists against Russian Ultra nationalists and Middle Eastern rebels. The game has you playing as Sergeant "Soap" MacTavish who is the first character you play as and for the majority of the game, the second character named Sergeant Paul Jackson is part of the U.S Marines, the player never sees or hears the playable characters in the story speak much like games such as Half Life. The story in general is quite good for a game of this type the squad mates for the SAS are memorable characters. It shows that Infinity Ward have put a lot of effort into making this game in every aspect.

The game again plays entirely in a first person perspective where you can aim from the hip or pull in the left trigger to look down the sights for a more accurate shot, although this time around the player can attach various scopes for much greater accuracy such as ACOG scopes and Red Dot sights. But if you don't like scopes then the player can opt for a grenade launcher or a suppressor for the more stealthy approach. Call of Duty 4 has many various additions that defiantly make the game feel a lot different from its predecessors most obvious of these is the inclusion of all realistic modern day weapons used by actual army's. These weapons include all different classes that you'd expect such as sub-machine guns, assault rifles, light machine guns, pistols, snipers, and shotguns. All these weapons are incredibly accurately modelled and have an excellent feel to them the animations of the guns are impressive. Call of Duty 4 also has explosives such as fragmentation, smoke, and flash bang grenades that all have there uses, Claymores and C4 are also included and are a fun way to lay traps for enemies. The games melee has changed from hitting enemies with the butt of the rifle to a swift stab with a knife which is useful attack in close quarters. The two great and most noticeable changes include the ability to sprint for a brief time; this doesn't let you shoot while running which is a good thing because it wouldn't be partially realistic but a worthy addition nonetheless. The second is that if you ever see an enemy go behind a thin wall or sheet metal you can actually shoot through it and realistically the bullets slow down a great way to kill someone especially online.

The single player offers a lot of variety in mission structure and never stops impressing until the bitter end. The game takes you too many different locations one of the most memorable levels is where the player is in a AC Gunship where all you can see is a black and white screen and shoot down on enemies to escort your team mates and civilians to extraction. Another time you're shooting down guys on the streets the next your blowing enemies off of roofs tops. But the best level of all has to be where the game takes the player back 15 years where you play as Captain Price; this level requires the player to wear camouflage suits to stay hidden in tall grass in the Ukraine with suppressed snipers. Call of Duty 4 has a great campaign although they are a few short comings for one the campaign only lasts around the 7 to 8 hour mark on the medium difficulty level maybe less than that for some people. There are also parts of the game where enemies infinitely spawn out of the same place which can make some parts of the game on the higher difficulty setting become frustrating. It would also have been nice if the game included some kind of spilt screen campaign mode or online coop but it has neither of these which is disappointing since most high profile shooters include one or the other. But even with these short comings the campaign is worth seeing through to the spectacular ending.

Call of Duty 4's audio visual presentation is nothing short of amazing from both a technical and artistic perspective. The game runs at 60 frames per second and never has any slow down where most games only run at half the frames on consoles. Also the levels have a lot of atmosphere and have lots of detail and great looking textures the levels are also free from texture pop-in and the scale is quite impressive. From an artistic perspective the game looks great the design of the environments, weapons and characters looks superb and all animate in a convincing way. The sound is just as impressive, the music is composed by British composer Stephen Barton and additional music and the main theme by Harry Gregson-Williams, both have done a great job of making Call Of Duty 4 a more impressive and epic sounding game. The sound effects match the high quality music the weapon sounds in particular are great, they sound very distinctly different from one another and realistic.

Even with the excellent campaign and presentation the best thing about Call of Duty 4 is the online multiplayer. The online mode is very deep and rewarding it constantly rewards you with unlock able weapons and perks. The game has what is called a create a class where you select the weapons, scopes and perks for that class, you can have a maximum of five slots and rename them as you see fit. Perks are different abilities and there are different slots to pick from the first is different kinds of explosives like C4's, claymores, grenades etc, the second has perks such as more stopping power, more health etc. The last slot has perks such as "last stand" where you get shot you have one more chance to shoot with a pistol while on the ground to take someone out before you die, and there is one that drops a live grenade when you die. As you progress through the ranks you unlock more of these perks for use in multiplayer. The game uses a matchmaking system like Halo although it is actually much faster at getting you into matches and the game includes a generous 16 maps with a lot of match types. These include objective team games such as defusing the bomb in the "Sabotage" or "Search and Destroy" game modes, standard death match and team death match, and new modes where there is more realistic weapon damage and another where weapons are pick ups and there is no regenerating health. Another new feature in multiplayer is kill streak rewards 3 kills calls in a 30 second UAV which shows where all enemies are on the radar, 5 earns you with an air strike, and 7 sends in a helicopter. Call of Duty 4 does not have and lag in general and doesn't suffer from any bullet lag either which makes it even more fun.

Call Of Duty 4 offers an excellent single and multiplayer experience that you should make a purchase if you haven't already.