Call of Duty 4 continues the era of DS FPS's, with some pretty awesome graphics, superb gameplay and great sound.

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare DS
This was one game I had a good expectation for, as the CoD series has been great on the PC and home consoles. However, transporting this to the DS 3 inch screen could have revealed troublesome, due to the hardware limit. Neverthless, Activision continue their great reputation with a game that will please all us FPS (portable) lovers.

Graphics: As seen in BiA, we had a taste back then of what the DS can really offer - good 3D graphics. Now Call of Duty is out, and we experience it again. You can really see that this was a game that the developers put a lot of work into, and it really shines in this category. Superb! 9/10

Sound: Again, like Dementium, I advise you to play with headphones, as the sound effects are really well done. Each little action is heard and the SFX really help rank this game high. There isn't a moment missed, every little detail is there. Voices are made to be listened, and the game ensures you do. A little poor on the music side, but then again, this isn't a fancy simulator - it's a real and pure shooter. 8/10

Gameplay: The main aspect and the core of the game, it's gameplay. Now, you must be wondering, if the game is great in sound and graphics, it should round off with a superb gameplay? Make no doubt, it's really great, albeit the times the frame rate might lower a bit, but the DS can handle it great most of the time. Even with a lot of enemies and pure 3D rendering graphics, bombastic sound, it rarely dips down a lot, making it more than playable, which is great. No one likes a lagging game. The enemies are superbly hard to kill, even playing in Normal mode, as you can take quite some shots before dying. However, a good aimed head shot will completely 1HKO them (as expected). Downsides to point out - just one. The game does actually show you (and tell) where to go by means of an arrow, but it's too small and frequently mistaken for something else. Apart from that, none else to point out, which totals this category's score to a good 8/10.

Replay Value: The lack of WiFi....ah, yes. This game would be the best FPS if it had WiFi, as it would be sort of a Counter Strike DS. Nevertheless, it features multiplayer and download play with no lag. The main story is decent, and will account for around 15 hours of gameplay. 7/10

Ultimately, Call of Duty 4 makes use of the DS hardware to the extent, providing a good single mode, with above average multiplay modes. However, WiFi is not present, which is really a shame. Activision did a great job on this game, just our beloved online play is not present. Despite this, I'd recommend it to anyone who'd like a good FPS experience.