Call Of Duty 4 is Great fun, but once you've gone through the story mode whats left?

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare X360
Well first off let me say Call Of Duty 4 is a radical change from the previous games , and you really feel like your in the story from start to finish. There are many different levels to play through and I enjoyed them all thoroughly. There are a few that stick out though one of which involves silently sneaking past large numbers of enemies without being heard and sniping this one was probably my favorite level in the whole game. Another great level is the very last one which I just couldn't get enough of I even played it over after I beat the game. Overall the story is great, and has many different weapons to play with along with great scenery and stays pretty fresh and fun throughout.

The weapons in Call Of Duty 4 handle great and stay pretty true to their models not to mention there is a long list of weapons to choose from so if one weapon doesn't catch your liking then one of the others definitely should. Personally I feel the SMG guns were the best in the game and superior to their counterparts in other shooters such as Rainbow Six Vegas. One of my only problems with the weapons is with the Shotguns they seem to kill you from an unrealistic distance 25-30 feet away sometimes, but I guess theres always something not to like about a game.

The Multiplayer Is great the first run through but once you get to the highest level and unlocked all the weapons it loses a little bit of the fun sure you can go for prestige, and that would be a great thing to do if it gave you something in return for giving up all your weapons and challenges, like a new weapon, or perk, but it doesn't so theres not much incentive to go for prestige unless you get really bored with the game.

The Perks are great they spice up the game and change the way you interact and play with your Allies, and enemies there are an infinite amount of different combinations of weapons and Perks you can try so that also can spice up the gameplay if it starts to get a little stale. Some of the best Perks in the game are Deep Impact which allows you to shoot through walls, Overkill which allows you to carry two primary weapons which can be really useful, and Martyrdom which causes you to drop a live grenade when you die as a present for your killer.

The graphics are really good, top notch, up there with the most graphically advanced games on the 360. The controls are really good like most other shooters out on the 360 the only problem I have with them is the sprinting function which is if you click down your left stick and move in whatever direction you want to go it feels a little weird, and isn't as quick as you might think , and on a side note I think it broke my left thumbstick, but that might just be a coincidence.

The party system for this game is sorely lacking some people cant join up with certain people, and when you finally get everyone in the party you want once you find a match half your party is kicked out before they can connect to it, and when you leave a game it usually doesn't bring your party with you so in fact the party system is more nonexistent than lacking. I also don't care for only being able to run for 3-5 seconds because I know people can run for longer then that in the real world they should have made it at least 15 seconds or so, but they didn't so oh well.

Bottom line Call Of Duty 4 is a good shooter with one of the best campaigns I've played in a long while, but the Multiplayer can get a bit repetitive if you don't find ways to mix it up a little. I recommend it to fans of the Call Of Duty series and of warfare shooters past that it might not be for everyone.