Oh no another WW2 game from the call of duty series!!! wait this one's about modern warfare? True Score: 9.2 out

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare X360
The Call of Duty series for about six years now has been concentrated on the overflowed genre of WorldWar 2 games. But now Infinity Ward tries to tackle this new concept of today's warfare, hence the name "Modern Warfare". Now the most noticeable difference is that the graphics got major push up. But someof the physics in the game defy all the realism put in the work.

Gameplay: 9 out of 10
Gameplay in Call of Duty 4 is a love-hate thing, but the love overides the hate. You play about a five hour story line following a basic plot of you trying to stop the eastern seaboard from total nuclear destruction by Russian and Middle-East terrorists. You take control of two basic people. A British Special Air Service (SAS) and a US Marine. You begin with a basic tutorial level, like every game ever. You play through a fairly lengthy campaign about three to seven hours. varying on difficulty. The four main difficulties in the Call of Duty series. Recruit, for the new people. Regular, for those people who want a mild challenge. Hardened, who are hardcore shooters and we can't forget Veteran, for those who are suicidal, insane or really good. The guns are very photo-realistic, looking exactly like their real life counterparts as well as sounding a great deal like them. You can aim down your gun sights to get a more accurate shot as well as the Call of Duty renowned snap-on function. The levels are well designed with lots of cover. But all is not as it seems, know that ply wood or sheet metal you took cover with in other shooters? well all of that went to hell with the realism of the bullets cutting through weaker materials. This makes it far more challenging to take cover and survive. Standing, Crouching and going prone is unchanged, which is how some people like it. Now lets move on to the multiplayer. You get your normal pre-made classes, like the previous games. But this time you can make custom classes, complete challenges, gain experience points to level up and even add a camouflage skin to your weapon. The
weapon customization is very fluent and you can add one attachment. This varies between a grenade launcher, to a suppressor, a red-dot reflex sight or even a scope with some zoom ability. You can of course choose between a variety of weapons. From the standard assault rifle to a sniper rifle. The custom class perks get a customized weapons and three perks. These perks can be used to fit your playing style so if your a sharp-shooter you can choose an M16 and a red dot attachment with some stopping power
or if your a mindless ammo-spammer, you can equip an M429 SAW, machine gun. so learning about the perks is key to victory. The multiplayer is relatively lag free, unless you download, like 700 gigabytes of stuff. T
he online community that I encountered so far is quite nice and not jerks.
There are many different game types which you unlock as you level up. There is the basic free-for-all or domination sort of thing, and some other original gametypes. The bad things about Call of Duty 4 is
the realism of the guns' firing ranges. For example ever heard of the term "shotty snipers"? well thats quite literally the case here because the shotgun can hit medium ranges, which is unaccomplishable in real life. Also is the physics in Veteran difficulty where about one hundred guys are crammed into one little home, which is freaking impossible! And there is no fancy physics system implemented here its the very cliche Rag-Doll system, which I thought should have been replaced with a more robust system.
The enemies fall to the ground but there is some elements of realism but lacks some of the key features, such as the knee joint allowing for some left or right movement. As well the friendly A.I. is more of an obstruction rather than a help. Constantly missing and unable to take down a squad of enemies without your assistance. But all of this is forgotten with all this great gameplay going on.

Graphics: 9 out of 10
The graphics in Call of Duty 4 is a standard 720p, as all next generation games should be now. The character models are pleasant to look at, but we could have asked for some different looking people
because you find a pile of dead guys that are identical, which isn't so good.The guns and grenades look amazing realistic, which suits the "most photo realistic game ever" description you see on the back of the
box. The scenery is also fantastic with unmatched realisms, with what looks to be like a real village. Which is probably because Infinity Ward sent some more people to take photos of what the actual places look like. The menu interface looks simple to navigate through, while maintaining an artistic appeal. And in multiplayer whenever you get promoted, it gets real flashy. And the fire is real as fire can ever get and the particle system is incredibly advanced with all the sparks, deflecting bullets and lets not forget why
Infinity Ward made the particle system in the first place, the smoke grenade. The smoke is thick and realistic. And when the enemies get stunned with a flash-bang they actually recoil in pain. Overall I am very impressed with the graphics.

Sound: 8 out of 10
Sound in Call of Duty 4 is kind of hard to describe. When you first open up the game and pop it in to the 360 you here some serious music, which is good because War is a serious business and not some happy, fun, demented, Tamogatchi time. The gun firing sounds is as realistic as I ever heard and the explosions are also great. The music in game is very good and keeps you going, when the going gets tough. Also the music greatly reflects a situation, if something tragic happens the music will follow suit. If something exciting is happening the music speeds up and if it's winding down it means it's getting less exciting. The only thing I want more of is screaming during death. I mean I kill a guy and the guy next to him detects me without even hearing or seeing a thing. The soundtrack isn't great, but overall is one of the best soundtracks I have ever listened to.

Value: 9 out of 10
The value in Call of Duty 4 is a very good package. You get a lot for with those sixty bucks than you think.The five hour campaign will draw you in over and over again, with collectible items and challenges. The Arcade mode introduces a scoring system and Lives, to extend gameplay and see which one of you amongst your buddies gets a better score. The multiplayer is very innovative, with the UAV Recon or the AirStrike. And the Multiplayer is excellent and as well is the Level-Up system. Also there is Prestige mode. Prestige Mode puts a level fifty-five account back to level one to test the player's skill. The achievements also put in more replayability and a pat-on-the back to Infinity Ward for making no online achievements. Which
drive achievement whores crazy. Also there is a split-screen mode which lets you try to own three of you other friends and as well the standard Xbox 360 shooter System Link where you can link up four Xbox 360's to fight with up to sixteen buddies.

Tilt: 10 out of 10
From start to finish when I opened up the game I was drawn in and couldn't get out. The campaign was short but amazing. You could really relate to the characters and they look and feel extremely realistc. The audio was great inspiring you to keep going. And the multiplayer was some of the greatest multiplayer I've ever played. I really wasn't expecting much from Call of Duty 4 and I really underestimated it and was blown away, by how good this game is. So overall you should get it no matter what kind of gamer you are.

So there you go the most critically acclaimed modern shooters reviewed I`m going to give it a
TrueScore: 9.2 out of 10