Revolutionizing the FPS genre...

User Rating: 9.5 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PC
This is one hell of a game. A unique turn from all other COD games, and all FPS games for that matter.
The overall story is fantastic, though you might've known the premise from other games--a massive terrorist threat, apt to destroy the world and all that. But there's more to the story of COD4 than meets the eye. A few twists and turns make the story bit mor interesting. The downside is that the story is a fair bit on the short side, which means, if there's a short story element, the entire game itself would be affected. Cue in some drastic comments on why this game ended fast in the single player.
The graphics are astounding! A great leap in graphical presentation. This is a plus when it comes to luring gamers into its grasp. A lot of games should have this element. People love to see nice graphics and overall presentation. It's part of the critics' scoresheet. Anyway, you'd see pretty realistic battle-grounds in this game. The inividual characters are rendered nicely. The weapons are designed majestically and the atmosphere, which is somewhat darker than the previous games, depicts the authenticity of a war-torn scenario.
In a war game, sound is vital in captivating players. The battle sounds, screams, gunfire, flames, destruction are music in their won right. The sound of armageddon is sheer beauty. When I played this game, I really thought that I was totally inside the game itself, warped into cyber space! Seriously, though this has one of the greatest gameplay sounds ever incorporated in a game. Hook it up to your surround sound system. There's good voice acting, too. The characters in this game are extremely serious in rendering the voices. You would'nt know that a joke was said unless you read the subtitles. Scary, eh? There's a generous amount music to heighten the sense of nostagia.
OK, so this is the reason why we play games in the first place. HOW the game is played. COD4 is like any other FPS. Swear! It's shoot and shoot and laugh at the bloodied figures of thy enemies! But this kind of shooting puts more art to it. The opening scene after the tutorial part lets you silently kill people in a tanker. Well, on with the silenced weapons, right? But the thing is that the game musters a new form of action that's unique. It's like shooting before the enemy sees you, and it's all in the bag. The pace of the game is nicely done. There's no lagging moments here. Every sequence in this game is adrenaline-packed. It's very exhilerating. The only weakness in this game is though it's a fast-paced game, you as a player would be affronted by the sheer short duration of the game itself, in single player. One could finish this game in 4-5 hours in normal difficulty. But it regains its turgor in multiplayer. You'd be playing for countless hours with the multiplayer package that this game offers, with a lot of game modes, features, etc. As always you get to play on LAN or online.
This game marks history in the FPS genre. With fluid graphics, superb gameplay, breathtaking sounds and a satisfying story, COD4 will stay in the hearts of gamers for a long time. Though a little on the short side on single player, stack up on multiplayer for hours/days/weeks/months of addictive gameplay.