Its just a breath of fresh air

User Rating: 9.5 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare X360
I'll bet when you learned of COD4 you were thinking "Alright lets kill some more nazis!" but then you saw "Modern Warfare" in the title and you said to yourself "Oh Dear God!Call of Duty not in WWII?!!" And maybe you even doubted the game's success.Well this is one of the best games i have ever played.Honestly.The controls are very well done not to sensitive and traditional Call of Duty control scheme except now like in Call of Duty 1 you can sprint,but now you can sprint for pretty long periods of time.
Well first lets review the story.I dont agree with those who say the single player-campaign was short at all.I thought it was reasonable and if you lust achievements (like me) you'll spend hours just playing the game on veteran.Now back to the storyline.I really started off a bit dazed since you start right at the mock-up training for the cargo-ship but 20 seconds into the tutorial level and i got the gist of it!Once i got to the first official level of the single-player campaign "Blackout" I instantly got into the engaging storyline.Throughout the story Gaz and Cpt.Price (Your 2 teammates who go through the entire S.A.S campaign with you) really got to me!I mean after you play the entire campaign you'll know the feeling.I literally went into tears after seeing the ending but i'm not gonna give it away readers.Same goes for Jackson (Your U.S. Marine that you play as through half of the campaign).His fate was so realistic and scary and saddening.
Now for Gameplay.As said before the controls were just great and you'll love them if you have played any Call of Duty games in the past.Now silencers,scopes,claymores,C4,exploding cars,flash and stun and sometimes the classic smoke grenades all come together and make one of the greatest games of our time.The new knife melee is a nice step-up from the melee using your gun.Sprinting is a nice replacement to the old binoculars.Its also nice how usually in the S.A.S campaign you have to go silent and unseen and plant C4s and Claymores and alert the enemies to lead them into your explosives.
Now the icing on the cake.The online multiplayer.Its got its ups and downs but mostly ups.Its got nice level up systems and rankings,classes,create a class,perks,UAV radar,Airstrike,Helicopters,Kill-Streaks and more.Its just great.But its got its downs of course.Lag is not really an issue in Call of Duty 4 because I have played smoothly all the time in this game.One down to the game would really have to be the fact you can only use one attachment on your weapons at once.Also if your losing badly don't lose your head,i have and it only made me play worse.Remember this is not the campaign,go fast and stay behind cover where a sniper can't fire at your skin even by a little bit.Another nuisance are rare but annoying spawn-killers.
Well thats it,Call of Duty 4 is about the second best game i've ever played...The first is Assassin's Creed.But this is THE BEST SHOOTER OUT THERE.