A must play for any warmonger.

User Rating: 9.5 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PC
When it comes to war games, Call of Duty have always been a step ahead. To make it a few steps now, Infinity ward have come up with a masterpiece, in Modern Warfare.
One should keep in mind, this is CoDs first stint at making modern shooters. After a couple of successful WII titles they finally decided to put up a shooter both modern and dealing with a large scale war rather than smaller urban wars. With that being said, variations are in plenty in CoD 4. Its not just about running and gunning anymore. I wont spoil the fun, but expect new additions in game play in plenty.
The game play in top notch, with each gun feeling real in your hands. Enemy AI has improved a lot,so has squad AI. You'll even see squad mates throwing back grenades with supreme fluidity.
Sounds have gone up too, and it never felt more war like, ever. Play this game for the terrific experience more than anything else. Yes the single player campaign is pretty short, but its that crisp short campaign that makes this game so memorable.
It doesn't really have many drawbacks,but yes,the campaign could have been longer.
With Captain Price by your side(during the SAS missions) and glorifying game play presented through terrific graphics,it feels as if CoD have been doing this since ages.