Most revolutionary game of the generation!

User Rating: 10 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare X360
Here the most remembered game of last gen in my opinion! It opened the doors for ever new war game. It had it all, a awesome story, and a very good solid online. I think this game should get a 10. It was the game ever shooter fun should have brought if they missed this one they missed a part of video game history in my opinion. Nicole Goode's review said"To be honest it was the best war game to date." when it came out she said that. The game still feels enhanced even to this day. The game was easy to understand, and very fun. The last level was also the best last level in COD history. It seems every COD game has to a page out of this, even the time stopping method at the last level this game used that other one use to this day. It was also the first to have such a brilliant online. All in all if you love COD you will love this one. It's ever COD should be and for that I give it a solid 10!