The Xbox One remaster of "Modern Warfare" is great.

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare X360

Raven Software's 2016 remaster of "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" can be considered very good or even great depending on whom you ask. The developer did the right thing by not altering Infinity Ward's masterpiece in any major way. This isn't an extensive re-haul like 343's "Halo 2: Anniversary Edition" available on The Master Chief Collection. It's more like Capcom's HD version of the GameCube's remake of "Resident Evil". Graphics have been spruced up to resemble the visuals of current-gen titles and some small changes have been made, but that's about it. While some players may feel shortchanged by this, purists will applaud the decision to leave the original game mainly intact. Most would probably argue that the original 2007 release was almost perfect anyway.

What I've noticed most is how the lighting effects have been amplified. The resolution of the textures and details have been increased and some of the audio has been remixed (specifically the sound of gunfire). The game also now displays the number of intel you have collected in the campaign which is quite useful. Once you finish the game, you are awarded with a few modifiers unavailable in the original release. Multiplayer also includes a few new options such as the Kill Confirmed game mode. Ten maps are available on launch with six more to be released free in late Dec. 2016.

Overall, "Modern Warfare" has aged quite well in the past nine years. It's a little dated and slow-paced, but like the original "Resident Evil", it has stood the test of time. The story is engaging, every mission is a classic and the multiplayer is excellent. Kudos to Raven Software for a job well done with the remastering. The game looks amazing, sounds great and the new features are complimentary. I'd rank it with a 8.5 out of 10.