A World Class First Person Shooter

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PC

Most possible one of the greatest FPS ever released, this game is worth every penny from whatever fountain you took it out from. The concept is simple, you play few different characters in different viewpoints e.g: SAS and Marines. The engine is currently outdated but during it's time ( which was 2007 and at that time, a phenomenal engine with photo-realistic graphics for that era of gaming). Anyway, I'll be reviewing this game from two aspects: Single player and Multi Player.


The single player in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is action packed, suspenseful and definitely enjoyable. I would have bought this game for the single player alone but ultimately like almost every great game. The single player is way too short to leave a long lasting impression. ( But I was impressed at Captain Price, probably one of my favourite characters in modern gaming) The single player bought in a lot of improvements from the previous Call Of Duty games, it involved faster decision making and of course the addition of stealth. There was one mission that really made me play off my chair (SPOILER : The sniper mission (All Ghillied Up) with Captain MacMillian where you had to stealthily move about to their vantage point, a hotel to assassinate their target, Imran Zakhaev. That mission alone gave me an adrenalin rush. Anyhoo, the single player was an amazing experience in a game. (It was GOTY for 2007! Sort of)