User Rating: 10 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex Edition WII
This game is spectacular. So much fun. If my Wii wasnt broken i would be playing it as we speak. Missions are spectacular. With a rapid pace that is amazing you feel as if though you are actually a part of this game. The guns in the game are also amazing. From G36C's to P90's to RPD's to M1014's to M21's to USP .45's. The multi-player is mind blowing. It allows you to decide in what fashion and in what location to strike while also giving you the literally endless ways of customizing classes with attachments, camoflauge, equipment, and perks. It also is extraordinary in that it has a wide variety of maps of which you can vote to skip or play. With so many great things about this game the only real downside is the graphics. But lets be honest not all of us can afford a 360 or PS3 and a HD TV. Plus be honest with yourself you didnt buy a Wii for its graphics.