Still bunch of hackers?

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I haven't attempted to play this game in about a few months. Are the majority of servers still hacked? I hope not, i really enjoyed playing this game back when it came out.

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Now we have 2 call of duty MW servers + TS3 voice chat server :

1. <.R.I.P.> Rest In Peace EU#1 TDM NO MARTY/NO GL/NO LASTSTAND []

2. <.R.I.P.> Rest In Peace EU#2 TDM ALL PERKS []

3. <.R.I.P.> Rest In Peace TS3 []

but we still working on it to be full activated with B3 and XLRstats
Should you need further info, simply get back to us on !

You can check your gameplay stats in our servers


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i stopped playing a while ago, didnt know that the games had a hacker problem. Now I play airsoft using videogame replicas like from Modern warefare
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am not sure yet, i want it play this game again , to see if there stil hacker in the games if they do i wont play it anymore...
what about call of duty war at world they hacked to? !!