all my stats have reset what can i do?

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Very pissed off this morning as i have just switched on to find all my weapon stats and rank reset! i played lastnight but i'm pretty sure i didnt play in any hacked lobbies, i was at level 55 i havent prestiged and don't intend to i was 75% done on the assault rifle weapon challenges trying to get the gold ak was on the g3 which is very hard for the headshots been on the weapon for a week now and still not even at 75 headshots yet so as u can imagine to switch on this morning and find them all back to 0 i'm fuming!!!! what can i do?? thanks!
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Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do at all, you'll just have to start over. It's unfair I know, but there's nothing that can be done, and I wish I could assist further. Sorry.