This sequel to Call of Duty 2 can be pretty fun at times with a solid campaign, but can feel like a chore too.

User Rating: 7 | Call of Duty 3 X360
Call of Duty 3 suprised me at times to say the least. It is a great-looking game with solid gameplay, but doesn't have any impressive features in it's own. The worst parts of this game are probably the AI, vehicle sections, stealth, movement, and the audio to some extent. The enemy AI are boring to fight and mainly just stand there and shoot with horrible or uncanny accuracy. They also pop out of cover like idiots and make bad use of cover. It feels like I was fighting a bunch of cloned soldiers that failed getting past boot camp. The enemy machine gunners would take me out so quickly it was hard to even find their position most of the time. Every single section with vehicles were very bland with blocky controls that would take seemingly forever until something new comes up. A little more of me would die every time I went down to the last enemy and he blew my vehicle up and I would restart once again. There are some parts where you are required to stealth but it is impossible and ruins the feeling you really are part in a glorious war when you see technical shortcomings such as that. They could have just revised the dialogue to get ready for a suprise attack or something similar so the sense of mesmerization stays in the game. The movement was extremely blocky and sprint in singleplayer was replaced by... binoculars? That is a big disbenefit for anyone who loves to move quickly. Many miscellaneous sounds are pretty bad and take the mesmerization of this game away a little bit.

Now that I have finished the negatives about the game, I should now explain why this game still is a winning package. The singleplayer campaign was very rewarding and gave a very satisfying experience that lasted a few sittings on end. The fighting mechanics for the few scenes were pretty cool but not near enough frantic controls to go with it. The achievements are auctually pretty creative and fun to earn. The guns also felt very polished. The multiplayer I rarely ever got into a full match but for the most part was auctually pretty fun, but the absence of players make this a dead component. When it was relatively fresh this game was totally worth the money for it but for this day of age, only play it if you love WWII stories and if you aren't afraid of older gameplay.