Even Einstein was not correct 100% of the time. The GAMESPOT review for Call of Duty- RtV is way off----READ WHY HERE

User Rating: 8.3 | Call of Duty: Roads to Victory PSP
IN AS FEW OF WORDS AS POSSIBLE, I will explain my viewpoints - You are reading this, so I respect you for being a gaming expert. I must start by saying that Gamespot editors have a terrible habit.....and that is if a game does not have the most awesome and ultimate on-line / multi-player format....then it gets a bum review. I know in this day and age it's expected, but I am so tired of them thinking that every gamer out there just has to be on-line in some sort of multi-player battle in order to enjoy a game or find quality in its content. I play games for me....when I want....and for COD-RtV on the PSP, it's a private and personal war I wage. It's me against the Third Reich and that's just the way I want it.

THE PSP - something needs explained to Gamespot (and alot of other people out there). The PSP is a hand held gaming device. The word "console" is no where to be found in its description. It can't and will never deliver the overall performance of a console. Can everyone please stop trying to make comparisons??? PLEASE ??? The PSP must be recogized for what it is. And what it is - is the most gorgeous and versatile hand held on the planet.

CALL OF DUTY-RtV controls - The PSP was shortchanged at birth having been given only one analog stick. Hence, control schemes to make FPS workable on this system are problematic and limited. Tip # 1: DEAL WITH IT. If you buy a FPS game for the PSP, then you have no room to complain about controls, you already know what they will be like. If you love FPS like I do, then it's no problem. Personally....I have mastered the analog for movement and face buttons for lookinng and aiming schemes. I can turn on a dime and shoot any German with my Thompson at a blink of an eye. If you can't do this, stop complaining and practice. Also, COD RtV just happens to have an excellent grenade throw set up (as long as your standing still) and the aiming recticle is particularly good. Here's what you do.....turn off the auto aim / target assist feature on this game (it's not worth a plumb nickel). Instead, everytime you fire your weapon, aim down the sights. The recticle has a very nice feature where there will be red markers that flash around center if you are hitting your target with a fairly precise aim. If you are just missing your target, you won't see the read markers. Using the iron sights also gives you a very slight target assist built in. It really works well if given the chance.

CALL OF DUTY-RtV grapichs - I am two things: 1) a graphics freak 2) a realistic person. I accept the graphics that this hand held game is able to give me. Some of the graphics in this game are simply fantastic, while others are so-so. Seems like the great graphics are all where they need to be when it matters most....and where it's not so imporant (the inside of some unoccupied rooms for example) the graphics are pretty bland. But it's a game the overall look works nicely.

CALL OF DUTY-RtV vs. MEDAL OF HONOR: HEROES - Both GAMESPOT and IGN gave MOH-H a higher review rating. I have a huge list of reasons why they're both wrong, but I'll just list one, the most important one. Gameplay...Call of Duty RtV has the player performing multiple tasks, using multiple weapons in various ways to subvert the German forces. The levels are all new and not duplicated. There is even an aircraft gunner level that is a blast. In MOH-H.....you walk, and shoot. When the next level comes up....you walk and shoot. The weather may turn snowy, but you'll continue to walk and shoot. Several of the levels in MOH-H are reused at least two or three times. You can get shot through walls in both games and each game has their problems....but remember:

It's a GAME - not a real life simulator- no game is made perfectly
It's on a hand held (limited) device
It's not being played on a CONSOLE system

You want something more-trade in your PSP, get an Xbox 360 and then start complaining about the problems that Call of Duty 3 has.