hmm...A different direction, new cutscene presentation, microscopic subtitles, same war.

User Rating: 8.5 | Call of Duty 3 PS2
This is Call of Duty, people! The WW2 shooter that brought in amazing innovations and faster gameplay to us players!
The story starts off with the summary of what's happening. It's Jerry's party and they took it to half-the-face of Europe. There's this narrator who's like the voice in one of the older episodes in Discovery Channel. Scary. It's simple, you're pitted in some of the craziest scenarios in battlefield Europe during the Climax of the Second World War. Again. After almost a handfull of CODs with the same premise. Later on you'll be handling the Polish and the Brits, to back up your main American character. I hated the badly animated cutscenes. It was to distracting and disturbing, for me; though i never really knew why.
There's something new to the graphics. Detail is better here. The effects are not bland, and there's an even darker feel to it(as if WW2 madness wasn't dark enough). The individual characters are asuperbly animated, though there are time when you'd catch some very disappointing pre-rendered actions like deaths and scenes, some of them repeatedly done until you progress into the game's levels. The war-torn sets are beautiful, with realistic depiction of the scorching of Europe.
Again, what's a war game without the 'tattatats' and the 'kabooms', eh? The essental touches in the games sound are masterly done. You'd really feel the heat of battle when your squad yells objectives at you, or diret their insults at Germans. Even words get bloody. The sounds of war are rendered well, the distant gunfire; the gunfire in front of you, at all sides; footsteps; reload sounds; rubble falling; destruction; even the weather are greatly put with wonderful sounds. The musical score is another worthy thing to note here. I've always loved war-music. The intensity of it all is just breathtaking. It keeps your adrenaline pumping during crazy firefights, and helps you have something to listen to while having those cautious travels to checkpoints.
As with the previous COD games, the gameplay here is--hmm--user friendly. The controls are slick, and the learning bit just takes about 15 minutes or so before you'd get the hang of the buttons. There's an auto aim feature, too. I love auto aims. Sometimes, the ameplay seemed to lag a bit; slowly gragging you to dream-world before realizing that you've already reached your objective and is taking heavy fire, as your faithful NPC teammates seem to remind you all the time. 'TAKE COVER!' they say. 'GET OUT OF THE OPEN';'JERRY UP THE SECOND FLOOR!' I say 'WHY DON'T YOU SHOOT THEM YOURSELVES, YOU WUSSES!?!'....
....Anyway, There's a good multiplayer here with lots o game modes to choose from. What's a shooter without any multiplayer, right?
It's a good game. Not among the greatest due to the samey-samey feel of the previous games, but it stands firm as a wonderful FPS.