Reminds me of CoD2

User Rating: 8.7 | Call of Duty 3 PS2
Gameplay is pretty standard, the usual Cod :) it has some new additions tho, one of em you'll meet early on - a guy surprise-attacks you, what follows is a furious face to face button mashing, quite fun :) Graphics are excellent for PS2, you'll have to see for yourself. I expected much much worse, but explosions and animations are top notch. Sound is pretty great, it has some problems tho. For example, the voice of the "guy from the left" just suddenly starts coming from somewhere far right. But all the warfighting and voice acting is well done and doesn't hurt ears (if you don't put the volume way up, anyway:D ) So, if you liked CoD2 , you'll like CoD3. It's just as simple as that.