Call of Duty 3 is a broken game, but is fun while it last's you might like the on-line for a minute.

User Rating: 6.5 | Call of Duty 3 X360
Call of Duty 3

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Treyarch
Platform: Xbox 360
Rated: Teen
Released: November 7, 2006

The visuals for Call of Duty 3 are pretty dated and yes this game did come back in 2006 but when I have played some other game's from 2006 some of them can are able to stand up or out a little bit better and if you play this or have played this game on standard definition you will know what I mean by the visuals are bit dated and do not stand up well today and if you play this game with your system hooked up with an HDMI or HD-AV cables the visuals are rather nice to look at and really easy on the eyes but still a bit dated.

So the detail to the environments and locations that you will get see/or look at as you mow down some German soldiers throughout the game and if you have played this with your system hooked up with an HDMI or HD-AV cable you should witness some pretty decent details to the environments and locals like the grass, trees, bushes and buildings and if you have just played this game with standard definition cables those pretty decent detail's don't look all that great and you can really see how dated the game really is and you can see how dated the game is in HD but it is not as bad as SD, so basically the game's detail's are dated no matter what definition you play this game in you can see how dated it is. You will also experience a lot of bugs and frame rate problems in this game as you go through this game and these are not little problems they are pretty damn noticeable it's ridiculous.

The Detail's to the games German enemies are done horrendously bad and the facial animation's look almost the same on every single German and the detail to the Allies looked pretty decent but it was almost the same with the facial animations they almost all looked the same no matter if the some of the NPC's had facial hair or not. So the overall for the visuals for this game is that they are pretty decent to look at on SD and still decent but better to look at on HD but the visuals for this game are buggy and the frame rate is pretty bad on some of the missions and so the visuals for this game from 2006 they are just simply decent for it's age.

Now the audio for Call of Duty 3 is a bit better then the visuals are and the audio is simply pretty good and stands up well. So the sound track or musical score is pretty great and really helps set the tone for some of the action parts of the game and does help keep up the intensity and might have you on the edge of your seat playing this or it might not it might just help you get into the game as you play this game. The sound of the game are pretty great to hear as well and with the sound of most of the weapons in this game sound pretty good and unlike other games in the series after this game and COD4, WAW and MW2 the guns sound like guns not like you were shooting paintball guns or pellet rifles like in Black-Ops, so the guns in this game are and seem to sound almost life like and you should like that and the sounds of the vehicle's that you get to drive sound pretty cool from the Jeeps, Tanks you will love the sounds of all the vehicles in this game.

So the overall point for the audio for this game is simply this and that it is great to hear and is way better then the visuals of this game and you'll love the sounds of the weapons, the vehicles and the sound track/musical score they all are great and enjoyable to hear and the voice work is pretty good not great but just good. So in short for the audio is that it is just great and enjoyable to hear when you are playing this game.

Now the gameplay for Call of Duty 3 is for a 2006 game is pretty good you have a campaign that put in the boots of Allied soldiers from the Americans, Britain's, Canadians and the Polish as you and the Allied soldiers make your way through key points to around Paris, France to end Germany's hold on France in the war to end it. As you play through this games campaign and you will shoot your way through the four stories of all the allied soldiers and you will find your self doing about 3-4 missions each for the Americans, Britain's, Canadians and the Polish as you either take down AA guns, take down some German occupied areas or even free some french rebels and all the missions are pretty much straight forward and you will probably find your self finding some missions to repetitive or just simply boring cause you will have some missions where at the end of them you will have to hold your position has you wait to be evacuated or reinforcements to arrive.

So this campaign will take you about 8-10 hours to complete so it is pretty lengthy and the one thing to point out is at times the campaign does get a little boring and you will find that at times the gameplay feels a little broken with when you would be shooting at some of the enemies and if you were to get a head shot it would some time not even faze the enemy which did not seem right at all and their would be parts of the game where you might get stuck after a slow motion door breach or just fall half way through the floor in some parts and basically in a lot of parts of this game just seems to be broken or some levels were just simply rushed. This game does have that fun factor to in most part and their are some QTE or mini game thing what ever you want to call it as you are going through a corridor and you think it might be cleared and boom their was and AI right their or simply just came from no where to have a grappling match with an unexpecting German enemy which is useless but this did happen with some soldiers back in WWII.

So the overall point of the campaign is yes their is some fun in it, but at times their are repetitive moments and their are parts in this game that seem to be broken and this game as a nice lengthy campaign. This game's campaign is just plain decent and fun while it last's.

The on-line for Call of Duty 3 is where this game probably shined back 2006 as this game gives a ranked on-line where you cn't find anyone playing in less they are boosting to get the on-line achievements and unranked where you will find people playing the most so basically the on-line is alive but not kicking that much and you can kind of think of it being on life support at the moment. You can play this game with up to 24 people on-line and the modes you have to choose from are War, Capture the Flag, Single CTF, Headquarters, Battle and Team Battle which are essentially Free-for-all and Team deathmatch and you can play most of these modes with the use of vehicles which is fun at times. So in short the ranked on-line is dead and if you find a match it will be full of achievement boosters but it is basically dead, but the unranked match's are where the people are at and it can be simply fun.

So the overall view for Call of Duty 3 is simply this and depending on if you play this game on SD or HD the visuals will be either extremely dated or simply dated and nice and easy on the eye with the visuals, the audio is pretty superb with a great sound track/musical score, great sound effects and pretty good voice acting, you get a pretty lengthy campaign and a bit broken and the on-line is where the ranked match's are virtually dead or just filled with some people looking to boost the on-line achievements and the unranked match's are basically where you will find people playing this game on-line and that is basically on life support. So in short the game is fun but has it's problem's and will keep you busy long enough for the next big thing or what ever else you feel like playing that is on your shelf, but you can basically find this game for about $15-$20 dollars new and about $8 dollars used and it is worth checking out for either price you pick this game up at.

6.5 out 10