Call of Duty 3 is an ambitious tittle, it gets some things right but others... not really...

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty 3 X360
Call of Duty 3 is an great game, it´s more story focused (than it's predecessor's) and has some sweet graphics. Call of Duty tries out a lot of new ideas, some work other's don't.

In Call of Duty 3 the story is more linear and there are only 2 campaign's to follow, the British and the American Campaign. Throughout the campaign I felt that some moments were absolutely amazing, other's not really. There were some moments that really captured the war tension, violence and bravery, other's not really. Treyarch tries to implement some new features to improve the game cinematic feeling. At first they work, after some time they don't. Many of these cinematic set-pieces are good but a little annoying. Sorry for this paradox but the truth is that (personal opinion) this game had a lot of quick time events. I personally don't have nothing against quick time events, but if they are overused the game experience kinda falls, this happened sometimes in this game. Even those Close Quarter Combat fighting (also in quick time events) started to feel annoying and predictable, some time even unnecessary.
Call of Duty 3 actually deliver's an nice story, you will feel attached to some characters because the game tries to give some depth to them and even some moments felt dramatic and memorable. Off course some of the dialogue was sometimes cheese and cliche. The voice performances were also good.
I think that this is a little characteristic of the Treyarch Call of Duty's, the writer's can do an fine writing, this was shown in CoD 2 Big Red One, CoD 3, CoD World at War and CoD Black Ops, off course many of them is guns and explosion, but at least you have an story beneath. Infinity Ward tried to achieve some depth to some characters in Call of Duty 2, the big and iconic example is Captain Price.
Although I think this game has some memorable set-pieces of the war, Call of Duty 2 did a better job showing the cruelty of war and had more hearth to the moments. Call of Duty 3 does show the brutality of war, but not quite as impressively and good as the previous tittle, Call of Duty 2.

Call of Duty 3 has an nice multiplayer, the graphics were really good and the sound design and soundtrack were good.

Although the third installment was not perfect and did not capture some elements from previous tittles, it did an good job creating an story and some memorable set-pieces. Treyarch showed that they can make an good and solid Call of Duty, they only needed this game and Big Red One to experience their ideas. The next Call of Duty tittle from Treyarch will actually be one of my all time favorite World War 2 Shooter. Before I finish my review, I have one more complain about Call of Duty 3, why it didn't came out to PC?