Call of Duty 2 for the PC is easily the best game in the entire series.

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty 2 PC
First of all, the AI, both enemy and friendly, are superbly programmed, which is highly uncommon in the Call of Duty franchise. Those who play Call of Duty 2 for the first time will be amazed by how useful their AI teammates actually are.

- Textures and character detail are both fantastic. So far, Call of Duty 2 has stood the test of time.

- Plenty of authentic WWII weapons are at the player's disposal; just enough to keep it interesting without being excessive.

- Great attention to detail throughout the entire game. Everything, down to the last polygon, has been inspected under a microscope by Infinity Ward.

- Voice acting is spot on; sound design is highly immersive.

- Levels are evenly divided among the Russian, British and American campaigns.

Call of Duty delivers on its promise of fast paced WWII style action and then some. If you've missed this one, then keep an eye open for it: it's an experience you shouldn't miss!