Being the sequel to the series that got me into shooter games, I am happy to say that this game doesn't disappoint.

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty 2: Big Red One PS2
Being the sequel to the first Call of Duty game, this game is expected to be just as good if not better. I am glad to say that this game is the latter. This game delivers a certain improvement over the first installment. With a great storyline, gameplay and weapon choices, this game doesn't disappoint.

You start off the game as part of the 1st Infantry Division and continue as part of the division throughout the game's various missions across North Africa, Italy, Normandy and pushing into Germany. These missions vary from capturing enemy bases to blowing up fuel supplies. The various different missions keep this game fresh to the very end.

The extreme accuracy in this game makes this game easier than the last. Being able to snipe with a sub-machine gun shouldn't be possible but becomes so in this game. This can be fun for beginners who thought that the first game was a bit too hard, but frustrating for advanced gamers who are looking for a challenge. This can be a plus or minus depending on whether you look for a challenge when you play or whether you just look for fun.

A fault of this game that kind of bothered me was how fast the whole story progresses. With less than 10 hours of gameplay in the single-player, you feel that the game ends a bit too fast. The game still manages to remind you of how everyone was part of this war especially in the beginning despite the short single-player campaign.

The weapons in this game are just as varied in this game as in the last game. The gameplay mechanics in this game improved above the previous installment but are still a bit shoddy. The weapons don't exactly roar the way you expect them to and the enemies seem to be weightless. This isn't probably a big deal, but it takes away from the realism that the game tries to deliver.

Your allies and enemies aren't that impressive. Your allies never seem to hit the enemy except for maybe once in a long while and your enemies almost never take down your enemies. If you don't end the standoffs between them both they can go on for quite a while. The vehicles in this game from the tanks to the planes are pretty great. Unlike the regular weapons, they roar like you feel they should.

The multi-player in this game is overall decent. With pretty much the same things that the previous installments had, there really isn't much improvement. It still has all those fun modes offered in the first installment but doesn't really seem to improve on any area. I wasn't exactly impressed but it is still good enough to satisfy the average player.

Although this game isn't that impressive in the sound effect area, the graphics in this game are pretty nice. The different areas that you visit are fun to look at if only for a couple seconds. The explosions caused in this game are especially nice with a certain umph to it. The fact that your soldier gets shellshock when a bomb, grenade or something big blows up nearby. It adds a sense of realism to the game.

Overall this game is a definite improvement over the first Call of Duty. Although it still has its faults here and there, this game is still a greatly enjoyable game. The vehicles definitely give this game the boost that it needed to surpass the first game. With a variety of weapons to choose from, improved gameplay and with nice graphics, you will certainly enjoy this great but short WWII shooter game that most if not every gamer can enjoy.