I was expecting improvement from the first one, but they did improve some things, but overall they left out many things.

User Rating: 6.5 | Call of Duty 2: Big Red One PS2
Now, I was expecting alot from this game, being it was the sequel to the masterpiece Call Of Duty Finest Hour. But sadly I was disappointed with this game. Now Ive played most of the Call Of Duty games and expecting alot out of them, and usually it was what I expected, and sometimes even better than I expected. But this game was way different, now I haven't played that much of storyline so I don't know if was any better than online mode. You see my review of this game will be based on my experience on the online mode. Now lets start off with some flaws this game had, and let me tell you it had many flaws. Now one thing they should have improved on was the graphics, I can honestly say that the graphics were way better on the first one, examples were how they designed the characters, they were ugly as sin, and some of them didn't even look like human beings.. they should of stuck with the character design from the first game. The only good things I can say about the graphics were the environments were actually not that bad looking, and I also liked when you shot somebody in the head you actually got to see blood. lol Now the controls were okay I guess but they did have a flaw, sometimes your character would just go off to side for no good reason, and this would happen alot too, and I checked my controller and the port for it and nothing was wrong with it so it had to be the game itself. Gameplay was a little glitch and got on my nerves from time to time, sometimes the simplest of things you could jump on lets say box for instance, you would be able to because your guy would jump on it and slide off for no reason at all. Now that done with the flaws, I tell you about the improvements they made, they added the vehicles which was a bonus for me. They also had more weapons you could choose from, and also you had the choice of choosing normal look, or Collectors edition look, which I guess was an improvement. Overall this game was very bad with a few good improvement here and there. I'm glad that they actually improved since this game. xD