Best Horror Game In Recent Years.Do u'r self a favor juz play the game and see!

User Rating: 9 | Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth PC
Well we have played lot's of horror games but best one will satisfy u with everything i'm not saying that dis game doesn't have any minus point some annoying level can turn u down but if u'll try hard then u can beat this game at once.1st let's talk about graphic this game have it's own styling graphic u can't say it's a minus point cuz this graphic r match with environment.Sound quality is average and game play style is awesome.Story line is gr8 dude! if u'll play this game with real feeling i guess u can't play it at night if u'll be serious experience real horror in u'r own pc at night.Best lvl u'll be scare when escape from that hotel.I'm writing this review cuz this game really pleased me i really like it and in my opinion every should this game have some kinda bug but ok u still can play this game.This game can't beat resident evil 4 but still it's good.