Don't be fooled, Cake Mania is nowhere near Cooking Mama

User Rating: 2.5 | Cake Mania DS
Well, Jill is cute (Obviously, like, her name is JILL!) and the title would attract you! I mean, who doesn't like cake!?

You'd think at first that you'll be baking cake the same way you cook in Cooking Mama, then decorate your cake as you love, fun, hmm? But guess what, no you don't...all you do is clicking on the shape of the cake, then place it in the oven and wait for it to get ready, then choose the color, and give it to the customer who ordered the cake you made....boning, I know. Not only that, as you proceed more, you have more and more customers, which gets terribly tiring after clicking on the same things constantly -___-

The good things about the game are the cute graphics ^__^ suitable for the DS, you might as well buy it for a child who doesn't know how to play to mess with it, who knows? They might enjoy it :P

I'm kinda hoping they'd make a Cake Mania like Cooking Mama, maybe someday =D