Cabela's used to make fantastic hunting games. This is not one of them.

User Rating: 2.5 | Cabela's Trophy Bucks X360
Cabela's Big Game Hunter was the best hunting series of video games for many years. It's nearest competitor, Deer hunter paled in comparison. But Cabela's hasn't produced a good hunting game since Their 2005 adventures, and this game is no exception to this trend. It is not a skeet shooting game, it is not a hunting game. It is simply a target shooting game. You don't have to call any animals in, you don't have to use any hunting strategy, and you don't have to be an experienced hunter to realize that this game does nothing to simulate a true hunting experience.

This game is yet another stain on the formerly great Cabela's series of video games. Here's to hoping that Cabela's will get their hunting gear together, and actually put some effort into their next set of hunting games. If they don't, I may never buy another Cabela's game again. I hope nobody learns anything about hunting from this game, otherwise hunting is going to get a VERY bad reputation.