Okay to play, can get tiring after a while.

User Rating: 5.5 | Cabela's Dangerous Hunts XBOX
Overall, I would say that Cabela's Dangerous Hunts for the Xbox is okay. It's not fun, but its not stupid and outrageous. The graphics are fairly good, but can't compare to other games on the Xbox. Since I play this game on my Xbox 360, it looks cheesy, but I can understand why, since this game came out in 2003. The movement of your character is pretty smooth, but your gun movement isn't. When you walk up to a Black Bear and you only have 1.57 seconds to aim at the heart of the Bear before he strikes you to the ground and mauls you, you're going to give up on trying to aim. Unless of course you try aiming from far away. (But remember, they can smell you too.) Spooked easily? Don't buy this game. You have normally two red dot targets on your screen, which you try to follow, but unfortunately they game warden decided to put more animals than marked in the area. So, often, you get spooked to death by moose and bears before you can try to find your marked deer.

In a nutshell, this game isn't for kids, people who get spooked easily, or supporters of PETA.